For this Love the Place You Live column, I’m writing about Domain de la Galotière. It’s an apple and pear juice farm about 25 minutes from our house. This region of France produces wonderful apples, pears and all the related products like juice, cider, and a strong drink called calvados. Fun fact: this is the only region of France that doesn’t produce wine. No grapes here, it’s all about apples in Normandy.

The farm couldn’t have been more charming. Every building was made from half timber construction and the whole place was picturesque — down to the friendly dog. The inside of the shop was filled with jams and bottles and baskets and everything you might expect of a country farm. We ended up buying 6 bottles of apple juice and 6 of pear. Confession: we bought the juice on Saturday and we’re down to 1 bottle of apple and 3 bottles of pear today. It’s really good!

I know I said this last time, but I want to say it again: It’s working! Love The Place You Live is working!! Saturday was stormy and crazy and there was definitely part of me that didn’t want to leave the house — but I did it anyway, because I wanted to find something great for today’s column. I’m so glad I did!

The next Love the Place You Live post will be Monday, May 21st. [ Update: Actually, it’s Monday, June 4th. ] I hope you’ll get the chance to do something local between now and then, because I’d love to read your writeup! I’ll try to remind everyone a few days before. : )

P.S. — I forgot to bring our bigger camera, so these images are all from my iPhone.

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