Last week I formally introduced a travel column, but if you’ve been reading awhile, you know I’m equally interested in adventures closer to home. Every where we’ve lived, there have been beloved landmarks, beautiful views and hip shops — and I’m sure that’s true for you as well!

I get a kick out of exploring whatever community I’m living in, so a couple of years ago I asked your opinion about a column called Love the Place You Live. The idea is that we’ll all seek out something cool in our own towns. It could be anything — a great library or museum, a new café, a terrific hike or concert, a favorite building, a local vegetable stand. Whatever you like! Then, we’ll write up our discoveries. I’ll add a linking tool to my post, so that if you’d like to share your adventures, all the links will be in one place, ready to explore.

Two years later and I still really love the idea. So let’s do it! Make plans to explore some bit of the place you live. On Monday, I’ll write up a post about what I found and I’ll include a link widget — you can add your post’s link and we can all read about some of the things people love about their towns. Good? I think it will be fun. I can’t wait to see what you guys love about where you live!!

What do you think? Is Love The Place You Live appealing to you? Do you like the idea of participating and adding your link? Or maybe just the friendly reminder to do some local exploring?

P.S. — I think it’s so important to embrace the place where you are living. Even if you’ll only be there for a short time! Learn to love it. Discover its treasures! Speaking of which, these photos are of an old-chapel-turned-exhibit-space. It’s where we saw the cow exhibit and it’s off by itself on a country road. We’re so glad we know about it!