By Gabrielle.

I read this interview of my friend, Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook, and I was shocked. Jenny, a crazy-talented interior designer and someone with impeccable taste, mentioned that she doesn’t like hydrangeas.

Whaaa??? Shock, I tell you. : )

Hydrangeas might be my all-time favorite flower. They change color with the soil. They last for ages. And they’re so generous with their blooms! When I first learned about them as a teenager, I remember aching that they didn’t grow in the hot deserts of my hometown. I would daydream of living somewhere lush and green where huge bushes of hydrangeas, in every shade of blue and the palest of pink, would thrive.

Reading Jenny’s interview got me thinking: Is there a flower that I don’t like?

Yes. In fact there is. Will you dislike me if I tell you I’ve always had a hard time liking calla lilies. They look pretend to me. Sort of plastic and over-designed. Like they should only be displayed in a super-modern office building. (Are they your very favorite? Am I offending you? Oh dear!)

I’m not a fan. But some of my favorite people in the world absolutely adore them. I remember helping one of my best friends with her wedding flowers and trying to get over my distaste for the lilies — and hold my tongue! — when she chose them for her bouquet.

Have you ever had a negative reaction to a flower? An object others consider beautiful? I must say, it’s an odd feeling.

Hydrangea images on Pinterest here, here, here and here.

P.S. — Even though we don’t see eye-to-eye on hydrangeas (a vital and important topic! : ), I adore Jenny Komenda.