How was your weekend, Friends? The weather here in Denver was gorgeous with a capital G and we enjoyed every bit of it. Saturday morning was Oscar’s birthday party. Oscar’s requirements for the party: knights, cupcakes and a pinata. Done and done.

We couldn’t find a good-looking, knight-related pinata, so we used papier mache boxes from the craft store to build a castle pinata. We filled the containers with goodies, wired everything together and used packing tape to secure.

When the guests arrived, they went to work immediately covering the pinata with strips of silver tissue paper, gold stars and gold wire garland.

Balloons, cupcakes, party favors (a knight dress-up set with shield, breast plate, helmet and sword) and paper goods were all in gold and silver.

In the middle of the party, the Black Knight (big brother Ralph dressed in a black cape) arrived on the scene and stole the castle pinata. Luckily, we had a group of brave knights on hand. They were able to follow the clues and save the castle. At the end of the party, they used their knight swords to break the pinata.

Oscar thought this party was heaven on earth.