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I’m still going through the bazillion photos from our trip to Norway, but I’m impatient to share one of the trip highlights: Kayaking in the Fjords. As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Jordan and Liz zip-lining through the Redwoods. Well, the whole family was really inspired by their adventure and we’ve been craving an epic family playdate for ourselves.

Since I knew we had a trip to Norway on the schedule, I started searching out activities that would be amazing and that the whole family could participate in — which is sometimes tricky when the youngest is 2 (actually 3! she had her birthday on this trip) and the oldest is 15. Kayaking was perfect!

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We weren’t sure when and where we would find kayaks during our stay, but in this case, flying by the seat of our pants worked out really well. On one night of our trip, we stayed in charming cabins that were right on a fjord in a tiny town called Aurland.

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We knew we needed to catch a ferry at 3:00 the next day, but the morning was free for exploring. And luckily, there were kayaks to rent just down the road (just look for the “padling” sign). Fantastic!

kayaking in the fjords07kayaking in the fjords26kayaking in the fjords05kayaking in the fjords04kayaking in the fjords06kayaking in the fjords09

After getting prepped by the Kayak Guide, and donning lifejackets, everyone rowed out to a waterfall — all the way across the fjord. Friends, it looked a lot closer than it actually was. Hah!

Also. The water was cold! And the air too —in fact, you can see parkas in some of the photos. But the day was gorgeous, and rowing kept muscles moving and bodies warm.

kayaking in the fjords01kayaking in the fjords03kayaking in the fjords10kayaking in the fjords11kayaking in the fjords13kayaking in the fjords14kayaking in the fjords15kayaking in the fjords17kayaking in the fjords_3kayaking in the fjords_4kayaking in the fjords18kayaking in the fjords19kayaking in the fjords20kayaking in the fjords21kayaking in the fjords22kayaking in the fjords23kayaking in the fjords24kayaking in the fjords25kayaking in the fjords27kayaking in the fjords28kayaking in the fjords29kayaking in the fjords30kayaking in the fjords31

What a day!

When we ask the kids what their favorite part of the Norway trip is, everyone instantly says: Kayaking!

I hope we’ll seek out more adventures like this. Good exercise. Gorgeous scenery. And a dose of thrill. I would call this an epic playdate for sure. Happily, I know there are adventurous options wherever we are — we don’t have to go to Norway. Although I wouldn’t say no to another fjord visit! : )

What sorts of things do you like to do on vacation? Are you more of a read-a-book-on-the-beach kind of person? Or are you more of a thrill seeker? Maybe a little of both?

P.S. — Did you spot the 9th member of our traveling party? My niece, Ruth, was with us too. She’s currently an exchange student, living with a French family here in our town.