I’ve been putting leftover yogurt jars to good use as jewelry organizers. Technically, these are not yogurt jars, they’re pot de creme jars instead — and they work especially well for this task because they have wide mouths and very low profiles.

Having my jewelry separated like this is so helpful to me! I keep all the little jars on a shelf in my bedroom and when I reach for a necklace or earrings, nothing is ever tangled or difficult to spot.

Since the jars are out in the open, I wanted to pretty them up a bit. So I lined them with origami paper. Perhaps fabric would work even better.

Start with scissors, a pencil, pretty paper and a jar or cup. The jar needs to have a rim that’s the same size as the bottom of the jewelry jar.

Trace a circle around the jar.

Cut it out.

Once your circle is cut out, simply put it in the bottom of the jar. The weight of the jewelry will keep it in place. Easy peasy.

That’s so simple it’s hardly even a DIY! : )

If you don’t have access to pot de creme jars, I bet the smallest canning jars would work just as well.