Jane Eyre, by Emily McDowell

By Carter.

I confess that it’s been a while since I read Jane Eyre, so the stories’ intricacies are a tad fuzzy. But the big picture, this battle cry of following your gut rather than the norm or expected — well, it makes me grin. Charlotte Brontë wrote this line straight from the heart of her heroine, Jane. Even hundreds of years later and far removed from Jane’s world, the pluck in these words move me. Jane’s independence is a gritty reminder to be unapologetic and satisfied by the pursuit of happiness.

Thinking about all of this reminded me of an old snapshot of my Granny, standing in a field of sunflowers and sticking her tongue out. I think Jane might get a kick out of that! How about you? Would you rather be happy than dignified? I also bet these sentiments can align without separation, and what a beautiful picture that is, too, right?!

P.S. – What a thrill to have Emily McDowell’s work back on Design Mom! You can find all of posts in our Book Quote Series here, and buy the prints here. I’m the proud owner of this one!