International Women's Day - Lisa Congdon

Happy International Women’s Day! I am thinking of you today. I am especially in awe of the comments you shared on this post about identity and parenting. I think it’s the perfect illustration of what makes this Design Mom community so remarkable. The comments are honest and vulnerable; judgement-free, and full of love and support. I’m so grateful for you and the wise, loving words that you share so freely here every single day. Thank you.

For those of you who are wanting to celebrate, here are a few good ways to mark this special day:

– Wear red. You, your partner, your kids — everyone can join in!

– Read this short but powerful love-letter to women from Luvvie.

– Share this beautiful art by Lisa Congdon.

– Read Half the Sky.

– Shop at, or tell your friends about, a woman-owned business that you love. Here’s a list of 100.

– Read’s Poverty Is Sexist report, which includes a number of illuminating new stats like the fact that educating girls in developing countries could save over a million lives and generate over $100 billion dollars every year.

– Increase your awareness about the 130,000,000 girls who don’t currently have access to education. Learn more about the #GirlsCount campaign in this video. And then, upload your own video! it’s easy and you can do it right on the site.

How about you? How are you marking International Women’s Day?