ruler height chart

By Gabrielle. Ruler height chart here.

It’s official. We measured last night, and Ralph Blair has passed me up in height.

My child is taller than me!

I suppose I knew this would happen. But it sort of crept up on me. And it’s kind of a novelty! So strange to know we no longer look like this. Or this. It makes me so curious about what the final height order will be once all my kids are done growing. I don’t remember exactly when I passed up my own mother in height — and I never caught up to my dad.

Height is a funny thing. I am average height at 5′ 6″, but I always thought of myself as tall. In fact, I had two taller-than-average friends in high school and I remember seeing myself in photos with them and being surprised I was shorter. Hah!

How about you? Are you taller than your mom or your dad? Or your brothers and sisters? Have your kids passed you up in height? Or do you expect them too?

P.S. — Growing up, my family had a doorjamb where we marked the kids’ heights. You too? But alas, with our own kids, we’ve moved often enough, we’ve never had a permanent home for our height marks.