Tada! Here’s a tutorial for insanely cute heart pom pom bookmarks. You can make these with your kids this weekend. They would be adorable as classmate valentines, but be sure to make an extra one just for you. Because they are almost too cute to give away.

I’ve got full photo instructions for you below. They are easier than you would guess. I promise!

Let’s start with some great news: You only need to things to make these! Yarn and scissors. Isn’t that wonderful? Here’s how it’s done. Amy Christie wrote up the instructions:


– yarn
– scissors (the sharper they are, the happier you’ll be)

The heart poms start out just like ordinary poms. Begin wrapping yarn around your fingers or a slip of cardboard. For these poms, I used three fingers for the width.

Cut a long length of yarn. Use one end of the length to tie tightly and securely around the middle of the yarn loops. The long tail will be the marker portion of the bookmark — the part that sits in the book.

Use the scissors to cut all the yarn loops.

Now the shaping begins. The trimming is going to feel a little ruthless. The 3-D heart shape requires some sharp angles so be unafraid. I’m assuming this is what people who sculpt hedges feel like or hairdressers who get to do a drastic haircut.

Hold on to that long tail where it naturally comes out of the pom. It can act as a handle but also as means to protect it from getting trimmed. Start the trimming, create a steep angle of the bottom V of the heart. And remember, this is a 3-D shape. Envision a heart-shaped balloon if you need an example.

Once the bottom is looking right, find the center of the top fringes and use the scissors to trim those lengths very, very short.

Then it’s all about shaping those humps.

Keep turning and trimming until it looks right. Thought I was done and then I noticed the uneven lengths.



Oh my goodness. The cutest thing ever, right? Such a smart way to use up small remainders of yarn. I love that Amy told us to be bold and brave as we shaped the hearts. Good advice, I think! For crafting, and for parenting. : )

If you make these, be sure to comment. I want to hear how it goes!

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Credit: Crafting and photos by Amy Christie for Design Mom.