Happy 25th Anniversary to Ben Blair! He is my very favorite person and I feel lucky to have him as my partner in life.

25 years is called the silver anniversary and we live in Argentan, which can be translated as “silver town”, so I thought maybe we’d do something silver-themed to celebrate. But we ended up eating pasta and gelato in Milan instead and I have no complaints. Hah!

To mark this happy day, I put together a little (under a minute) slideshow with 100 photos of the two us (and a few family shots too) that I gathered from the last 25 years — all set to music by my talented niece Sophie Blair.

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Thanks for marrying me, Ben Blair. I’d do it again with zero hesitation. 

Mixed in with the snapshots, there are photos by Justin HackworthBlue Lily PhotoModernKidsKatrina Davis, and Kristen Loken.