french pharmacy picks

By Gabrielle.

I’ve been working my way through the French Pharmacy list that Gwyneth Paltrow made. You can find report #1 here and report #2 here. I’ve got four more products to tell you about today. Three are from the Goop list, and one is a recommendation from my friend, Caroline (it’s my favorite!).

First up, Caudalie Premières Vendages. Gwyneth describes this as an excellent basic daily moisturizer and I fully agree. Though I actually don’t use it daily, because I like to use a moisturizer with spf. But I’ve found this little tube perfect for travel! It’s just the right size and comes in flexible packaging that won’t shatter. I love applying a layer as a flight lands. It has a fresh, clean scent and leaves my skin with a not-too-shiny glow.

Next up, Embryolisse. I had a hard time tracking down this one because Embryolisse is the name for a whole product line, not a particular product. My pharmacist told me to try the Filaderme Crème.

Friends, it is wonderful stuff! It’s the perfect layer under makeup. And though it’s intended for daytime, I’ve had great luck using it at night, right before bed. My skin feels firm and healthy when I wake up. I can even skip my morning moisturizer if I’m in a hurry!

french pharmacy picks

Gwyneth says Bioderma Crealine H20 Micelle Solution is “the BEST makeup remover” and I can see why she likes it so much. There’s no need to rinse when you’re done, and it gets every bit of make up off in a snap! It has made my end-of-day routine much more pleasant.

french pharmacy picks

This one is my favorite on this post — and it’s the least expensive! (I can’t seem to find an English-website to link to this particular brand, but here’s a similar product). It’s called Eau de Bleuet, and my fabulous French friend, Caroline, brought me a bottle when Oscar’s eyes were a bit swollen.

It soothed Oscar’s eyes in a moment (you spray it on cotton pads and then let it rest on closed eyes), which was wonderful. But it’s also proved amazing for tired, puffy eyes in the morning! I can’t remember what I did without this. I use it frequently and make sure to fill a travel-size bottle with it whenever I have a trip.

One last note, it’s been so encouraging to see that most of the products on the Goop list have become available in U.S. shops over the last year. I remember writing my first post, and I couldn’t find U.S. links to anything! I’ve fallen in love with some of these products and I’m so glad I’ll still be able to find them when we move back.

Have you tried anything on the Goop list? What did you think?