Hello, Friends! Did you have a wonderful Father’s Day? We had such a fun, traditional weekend. During church, I led the primary children while they sang Father’s Day songs. They were adorable. And we had a big BBQ yesterday afternoon with Ben Blair at the grill.

I was thinking of my dad yesterday and looked up some photos of him. I really like these two. The snowmobile one is when my family lived in a little fishing village in Alaska. My parents taught in the local school. At the time there were only 3 kids: my brother Jake, my sisters Rachel and Sara. We still have the giant orange parka my dad is wearing.

The other one is the baptism day of my brother Jared (you may know Jared’s wife if you read Say Yes To Hoboken). Mormon kids get baptized when they’re 8 years old and often, the child’s father performs the baptism. Here, my dad is holding two rolled towels under his arm so they can dry off after my brother gets dunked. I like Jared’s little madras tie.

Is it just me, or do you find Father’s Day more emotionally charged than Mother’s Day?