I asked Danyelle to create a candy-free valentine that grade-schoolers would love. I’d say she nailed it! Take a look. — Gabrielle


I’m a big fan of fun candy-free Valentines. This project was inspired by the mounds of paper fortune tellers that fall from my daughter’s backpack daily. Apparently, making paper fortune tellers is THE thing to do in her fourth grade class. I have a feeling her classmates are going to love these.

To make some paper fortune teller Valentines with your child you’ll need to print out the PDF and have a paper trimmer or scissors handy.

Cut the excess paper from the fortune teller along the dotted line. Your fortune teller should be 8.5″ x 8.5″ after it’s trimmed.

Fold the fortune teller in half, making a nice crease.

Make another fold, this time going in the opposite direction. This creates a “X” in the fortune teller when it’s opened.

Turn the paper so the printed side is facing down on the table top. Turn one corner at a time towards the center point of the paper and make a nice crease.

Flip the fortune teller over so the heart and number graphics are facing down on the table top. Next, turn each corner one at a time, towards the center of the paper. When you are finished, all of the numbers should be visible and your fortune teller should be in a nice square.

Flip the fortune teller so the four colored hearts are visible. Fold the fortune teller in half making a nice crease and then re-open. Do the same thing, this time going in the opposite direction.

Slip your fingers inside the fortune teller as shown in the images to fluff.

Have fun playing!

You can print your own fortune tellers. Download the free pdf here!