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By Gabrielle. Photos by Amy Christie for Design Mom.

Oh my goodness. Amy Christie texted me a photo of some stamped wrapping paper she was working on and I fell in love! I immediately begged her to share it on Design Mom. It looks so dang cool — that perfect combination of handmade and chic — and it’s made using pretty much the easiest (and kid-friendliest!) technique in the world: stamping.

Even better, the simple “stamps” are made from bits of cardboard! There’s probably some sitting in your recycling bin right this minute.

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Here’s what Amy says:

As you can imagine, I love when things look handmade which means I love the look of hand-stamped wrapping paper. It looks a little more rustic and imperfect and it feels like it means just a little more because someone spent time on it. (This is not to say I don’t love store-bought wrapping paper. There is some gorgeous stuff out there!) At least once a Christmas season, I try to make a few versions of hand-stamped wrapping paper. I don’t always use it all each season so I have a small collection of paper I’ve stamped. I’ll be honest — some of it I’m finding it hard to part with. Haha!

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This time, when I went to my craft cupboard to make some stamped wrapping paper, I didn’t have the supplies I thought I did so I improvised. And they turned out great! Just proves you don’t need lots of fancy supplies to make cool things.

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Stamped wrapping paper is a great project for everyone in your family. It’s a basic process — covering the stamp in paint and pressing it on paper — and there is no stress to make it perfect. Irregular prints and patterns just make the paper more interesting. If children are joining in, think about protecting the work surface with paper, and the ground below (just in case). Then let them stamp. It will be enjoyable for all!

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Roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

Stamped Wrapping Paper | Design Mom


– plain wrapping paper (I got mine at Target!)
– cardboard, mat board, craft foam*
– scissors
– hot glue
– paint
– scrap paper or piece of wax paper for excess paint

*I used cardboard because I have a lot of it sitting around (too much online shopping!). Mat board works too as do the sheets of craft foam. The mat board can be manipulated like the cardboard below. The craft foam should be cut to shape and then mounted on a chunk of cardboard or mat board to give it firmness.

Stamped Wrapping Paper | Design Mom

Cut out your desired shapes. I stuck with geometric shapes and traced objects around the house. Measuring cups are perfect for a variety of circle sizes.

Stamped Wrapping Paper | Design Mom

To give the stamps strength, use two pieces of cardboard and glue them together.

Stamped Wrapping Paper | Design Mom

Stack a few pieces of cardboard on the backside of the stamp to act as a handle. Glue in place.

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Then start stamping! Put the paint in a flat container (like an old pie tin), and dip your stamp. Spread out the paper on a surface and press the cardboard stamp on to it. You can follow a strict pattern or stamp randomly, it all works!

As you work, use a scrap paper or a piece of wax paper as a place to work off the excess paint to ensure a clean print. And you’ll notice, you will get a better print using a rolling motion with the stamp instead of pressing it straight down.

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Allow the wrapping paper to complete dry and then use to wrap your gifts!


Thank you so much, Amy! I really adore how your prints turned out. I am trying this for sure. I don’t know if I’ll have time pre-Christmas, but this is one of those tutorials I would love to use throughout the year.

How about you, Dear Readers? Have you ever made your own wrapping paper? Or your own stamps? Would you kids enjoy something like this?

Credits: Images, styling & text by Amy Christie.