Images and text by Amy Christie for Design Mom

Sewn paper garlands have become one of my favorite items to make as of late. And a mini version? Well, the cuteness factor is off the charts! These little ditties aren’t just for hanging either. From wrapping gifts to wrapping around desserts, paper ribbon garlands are the extra wonderful bit you need. Don’t you just love them?

If you are able to cut paper (or punch or direct a paper cutting machine) and sew a straight line, you are well on your way to making an endless amount of adorable paper ribbons. Even after my old well-seasoned sewing machine stopped working, I soldiered on with the help of a friend’s machine because I just couldn’t help myself.

Best of all, I have an easy tip to share which will make even the tiniest garlands easily doable.

So find yourself a fun, punchy color scheme and let’s get making.


-sewing machine
-paper punch, paper cutting machine
-cutting blade
-washi tape or painters tape

First, cut the paper however you would like, using paper punches, scissors or paper cutting machine. All sizes of circles, squares, triangles, or little critters. Anything you like!  Of course, I like the mini sizes. (The little critters are from a Cricut Folk Art cartridge — the same one I used here.)

Then it’s simply about sewing them together.

For the larger pieces, feed the paper pieces through the machine continuously until the ribbon is complete.

For itty bitty pieces, I found washi tape helped to keep things organized.

Instead of fumbling over the little pieces and fretting over sewing my fingers to the paper, the washi tape held the paper in place as they were sewn and was easily removed afterward without ruining the paper.

Mini pendants, little squares, itty bitty critters and teensy weensy dots!! Make up a whole lot of them to give as a gift or keep and use them for you. They make any gift wrap pop and are perfect mini decorations for a birthday party or a baby shower. Happy making!

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