Have you ever heard of May Baskets? I hadn’t. But Amy of This Heart of Mine told me about the sweet May Basket tradition she experienced as a child and I thought it sounded so lovely! Amy came up with a bunch of little May Basket ideas, and I asked her to share a tutorial for 3 of the baskets here. Enjoy! And please do chime in if you have your own May Basket memories. I’d love to hear them! — Gabrielle

May Day is coming! And May Day means May baskets. I remember as a child feeling so excited about the pretty little baskets of treats left on our doorstep by kind friends. The treats were nice but the baskets were my favorite part. Even now, many years later, I have two of the very best saved in my keepsake box.

I don’t think we really celebrate May Day for its official purpose but it does give us reason to make beautiful, colorful baskets filled with treats for our friends. Maybe you’d like to make some too?

#1 – Red Petals

To begin, you will need a small plastic cup and some birthday streamers (crepe paper). For all three baskets, I used cleaned out yogurt cups.

Layer the crepe paper on itself in your hand. Cut petals from the folded paper.

Then one by one, layer upon layer, stagger the petals until the little cup is covered. Ruffle it up a bit when you’ve finished layering.

To finish off the cup, twist the crepe paper to make a rope-like string. Then hot glue the rope in place.

Looking good.

For the handle, I braided three pieces of rope together. Make a cut through the side of the cup and threaded the braid through. Tie off as you wish and the basket is finished.

#2 – White Pouf

For this basket, gather a strip of felt, white tissue paper, loose confetti (or glitter) and a small plastic cup.

Attach the handle first by threading the piece of felt through small slits in the side of the cup and hot glue in place.

Cut the tissue paper into fourths, the long way. Loosely gather one tissue paper strip in your hand.

Lay down a line of hot glue at the top of the cup and stick the tissue paper to it. One gathered strip should reach from one handle to the other. Attach the three other tissue pieces, forming two layers.

To give the basket the puff, lay down another line of hot glue on the bottom of the basket, near the edge, and press the bottom edge of the tissue paper to it. Continue until all the tissue paper is attached.

Now, it’s a bit bland, the white on white. This is where the confetti comes into play. Add some glue on the handle and around the top of the basket and shake on the shiny stuff.

#3 – Green Scallops

For the final basket, you will need another plastic cup and a small bit of fabric. Jersey, knit, fleece or felt are best because they won’t unravel but really, whatever works. I used some dyed jersey material from an old project. The dye variations give the cup a really cute look.

Begin with cutting a scalloped edge on strips of the material and cut enough strips to cover the cup.

Though not necessary, I covered the base and bottom of the cup first with little bits of fabric. Starting at the bottom, layer the scalloped strips.

To finish the edge, hot glue a strip of jersey at the top. Another strip of jersey acts as the handle, again threaded through a slit and tied to secure. This one is my favorite.

Of course three baskets might not do it. So make more. And more. And a few more! Make sure to fill them with treats and share them with friends. Happy May Day!