Now that it’s warming up, my kids want to be outside as much as possible. So when Helen of Curly Birds told me about her idea for mini seed pockets, I thought they were a perfect activity to get our whole family’s hands dirty in the best possible way. — Gabrielle


Flower pockets are a fun spring project and provide plenty of blooms all summer long. The pockets look sweet, and get buried directly in the soil! Better yet, even the littlest of hands can help make them. And I know these same littlest of hands will love giving them to teachers, grandparents, neighbors and friends. They make a great little gift-for-no-reason.

1/3 yard Burlap (coffee or rice bags will work too)
Gardening string
Organic potting soil

Step 1: Cut burlap into 6.5” squares.

Step 2: Put a small handful of potting soil on each square.

Step 3: Liberally sprinkle seed mix onto potting soil.

Step 4: Gather the edges of the burlap up and tie shut with string.

Step 5: You are done! Bury the whole pocket in the ground and the seeds will grow through the burlap.

Warning: These little pockets are addictive to make. Happy planting!