Pretend holiday dates were flexible, and that we could schedule them at ideal times. Would you make any changes to the current holiday calendar?

If I could pick, all major holidays that my family celebrates would fall on the last weekend of the holiday’s regularly scheduled month — just like Halloween, if Halloween always fell on the last Friday or Saturday of October.

I have issues with holidays that don’t fall near the end of the month. I need several weeks to think about and prepare for any upcoming holiday in a way that satisfies me — and those weeks have to exist in the same month as the holiday.For example, I find it’s really hard for me to think about Valentine’s Day until February. But because I wait until then, I end up celebrating in a really low-key way. Two weeks is not enough time to make putting up decorations worthwhile.

And July 4th? I mean come on. That leaves me 3 days to realize it’s July, make BBQ plans, deck the house out in red, white and blue, figure out where to watch the fireworks, and get my hands on some sparklers for the kids. Not gonna happen. And it’s a shame. Because I really like Independence Day.

Easter, of course is the worst, because it can’t even manage to commit to a specific month. Is it in March this year? April?

Just some thoughts I’m throwing out there to the Calendar Making Gods. 

What’s your take? If you could mess with the holiday calendar, would you? Which holiday would you change first?

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