By Gabrielle.

I made another video for my Celebrations Series! Would you like to see it? It features a collection of 9 cool products you can pick up at any grocery store as last-minute hostess gifts. Stylish items that make great gifts and won’t look last-minute at all. (You can read more about why I picked each item in my Babble slideshow notes.) Let me know what you think. And tell me what you’d add to my list!

In the mood for something beyond my 9 suggestions? Here are my tips for Grocery Store Gift Buying:

1) If you really want to be a pro at last-minute gifts, you’ll need to keep 4 specific items in your glovebox: cellophane bags, a spool of ribbon, gift tags and a small pair of scissors. Those 4 things will transform the most ordinary items into Fabulous Gifts.

2) Avoid anything that’s actually intended to be a gift. No cheese and pepperoni sets. No boxed chocolates with a bow printed across the front.

3) Avoid anything holiday-ish. No red and green candy. No christmas tree shaped packages. These tend to feel generic and last-minute. And once January comes around they feel expired.

4) Avoid anything that’s considered a luxury item. No perfumes or lotions or candles. The options at a grocery store never feel very luxurious.

Happy Holidays! Here’s to being stylish — even at the last-minute.