I talked about our Tool Kit remake yesterday, and today I’m going to cover our Car Kit. I’m a big car kit fan. I like to know I’m prepared for an emergency. In our old Eurovan we had an enormous trunk and I used the space to store a mid-size rubbermade bin with everything I could possibly need in a car kit. But these days, our trunk is tiny and I’ve had to pare it down to the bare minimum.

If you’re interested in putting together a car kit, here is what has worked for our family — based on our own experience and advice from my local hardware store experts. (I’m not including tire changing tools because they typically come with the car.)

For a Bare Minimum kit, we like to have:
– jumper cables
– first aid kit
– headlamp — I much prefer a headlamp to a flashlight in our car kit, because if there’s a scenario where I’m going to need a flashlight, I’m probably also going to need my hands free
– water bottle and a couple of granola bars
– windshield wiper fluid — this often comes in a huge bottle, so you might want to decant a portion into something smaller
– can of oil
– windshield scraper (in winter)

If more space is available, we like to add:
– flares
– small tool kit
– blanket — good for last minute picnics at the park or for keeping warm on a cold day
– tow strap
– window sun shields — for blocking sun from your child’s face
– Armorall wipes
– hand wisk broom

For an Ultimate Car Kit, I would also add:
– all-in-one jumper cable set — so you don’t have to ask someone for a jump
– emergency cellphone
– Dustbuster vacuum

What about you? Do you have a car kit? What do you like to keep in it?

P.S. — They don’t really go in the car kit, but I also think a stock of quarters and a cell phone charger are essential in any car.