By Gabrielle.

Okay. I have a silly question for you today. I’d love to hear your thoughts on babies plus bows. I’m talking about new babies. New baby girls. Baby girls with little or no hair.

Tell me: Have you ever stuck on a little bow?

I used to love doing this with Baby Maude and Baby Olive. I would tie a tiny bow with a bit of satin ribbon and “glue” it on their head with a drop of corn syrup. It wouldn’t last very long, but I thought it looked sweet! And since I enjoyed dressing my babies in blue, it would prevent strangers from assuming my girls were boys. Which was a particular pet peeve of mine at the time.

But with Baby Betty and Baby June, I no longer seemed to be bothered at all when they were mistaken for boys. And (possibly related) I also stopped using stick-on bows. I wasn’t opposed to them, I suppose my life was a bit fuller with 5 and 6 kids and it was harder to make time for those happy little details. Here’s Baby June on her blessing day. No bow.

What’s your take? Do you like the little bows, or do they bother you? I’ve heard people get really upset about them, and the whole idea of “decorating” your baby. Do you have an opinion on the topic?

By the way, the felt bows pictured are here. They’re bigger than I prefer for a baby, but I think they’d be adorable for a toddler.

P.S. — Instead of corn syrup, some people suggest KY, but that never seemed to work for me. I’ve also heard girlie glue keeps a bow — or fake mustache! — in place all day long.