best summer perfumes

It’s a simple thing, but it totally improved my morning routine: I’m wearing a new scent! 

Probably you already have a dozen perfumes to choose from. My teenagers do and I know it’s not uncommon. But until very recently, I’ve been wearing the same scent for about 7 years. When I lived in New York, I became fascinated with the idea of a “signature scent” — of wearing one particular scent so consistently that my kids and my husband and my close friends would come to associate the scent with me. So I searched out a scent that I knew I could love for a long, long time, and have worn it ever since. The scent I chose is by Bond No. 9, and it’s called Eau de New York.

To be clear, I still really love the idea of a signature scent and I still love Eau de New York. But. A couple of weeks ago, I ran out of perfume. My current bottle was empty and I hadn’t made plans to replace it yet. But I wanted to wear a scent, and I remembered that I had a bottle of perfume randomly purchased on a ferry from France to England several years ago. So I pulled it out, and put it on.

And it was so refreshing! I felt like I had just updated my whole wardrobe. I swear, I had a new spring in my step just from putting on a new perfume. I really had no idea a new scent would feel so transformative.

The new scent I’ve been wearing is Lacoste Pour Femme. It’s a light scent and I think I got lucky that I started wearing it at the same time the weather warmed up, because it’s perfect for spring and summer. I’m really loving it. (Speaking of Lacoste, Ben Blair has worn the Lacoste white bottle for ages, and I find it irresistible. So I don’t know why I’m surprised I’m enjoying the women’s version.)

best summer perfumes

Wearing a new scent has been so delightful, that I’ve been wanting to add more options to my collection. The next two on my wishlist are both recommended by my stylish friend Sara Stratford — she says this one smells like lemon drops (yes, please), and she mentioned Beach, by Bobbi Brown, is (obviously) perfect for summer. 

Now I’m curious: How often do you change your perfume? Seasonally? When your current bottle runs out? And do you have a signature scent? Or do you like to switch things up? Or perhaps you don’t wear perfume at all and have an aversion to colognes and scented lotions or candles (during my pregnancies, I couldn’t stand perfumes!). Oh. And if you have a favorite scent at the moment, please share. I’d love to hear/smell what everyone is wearing these days.

P.S. — How to pick out a new perfume.