This is part five of a five part answer. You can find links to the other parts here.

Yesterday, I went on a little shopping spree to BabyGap to pick up everything I needed layette wise. It was one of those perfect errands where I felt like I had the store to myself and had plenty of attention from the staff to answer my questions or help me find sizes. I’m feeling so much more prepared for this little one now. Also. Can you tell by the photos, I’m craving super pale colors and neutrals?

In the Layette (or clothing) Category, this is what I like to have for a newborn baby:

– 5 gowns (sometimes called bundlers).
Not everyone likes to use these, but I adore little newborn sleeping gowns. For both my boys and my girls. I like the easy-access diaper changes and I think they look so cozy! These white ones are my favorite. They’re cut a little longer and leaner than most and seem to fit my long, skinny babies the best.

– 5 footless one-pieces.
I could probably just stick with gowns, but I like the little playsuits that snap or zip down the front to mix things up. These typically come in footed or footless varieties. I prefer the footless.

– 10 (or more) onesies.
For this ever-changing Spring weather, I’m using a combination of long and short sleeves.

– Knit cap.
I don’t think I’ll need more than one or two of these during this season, because I think it will get warm here pretty quickly. But I like to have a soft knit cap for my newborns.

– 10 (or more) pairs of socks.
I like the newborn sizes, because they seem to stay on the best. Also. I don’t really buy baby shoes till my babies are older, but I do love having some little crochet slippers on hand. They’re just so cute — even when they’re not being worn and are just resting on the dresser.

– 3 or 4 everyday outfits.
Babies go from sleeping to awake, sleeping to awake, all day and all night. So I’m usually content to have them hang out in their little pajama-like one pieces or gowns or onesies most of the time. But it’s nice to have something not quite as pajama-y, in case we venture out. Plus. Tiny baby clothes are pretty much irresistible. Just try to resist these little flutter sleeves. I could not. I had to have one. Also. I seem to favor pretty much anything with a kimono cut.

– A couple of Sunday outfits.
These aren’t technically necessary, but as long as we’re making the effort to get to church, it’s nice to have something cute to put on your little guy. Yesterday, I had to have this pintucked, ivory perfection (the sash!). I also picked up a little coordinating sweater.

– Outerwear.
This part of the list changes by the season of course. For my little May baby, I’m thinking a soft jacket and some lightweight sweaters are what I’ll need.

I should note that my babies have all been small, so I stock up on 0-3 month sizes. But if your doctor/midwife is predicting a big baby, you might want to buy more of the 3-6 months sizes.

Your turn, Lovelies. What do you like for a layette? Are you a footed or footless playsuit fan? Do you buy baby shoes? Do you prefer to put your new babies in an outfit each day? Or do you keep them in lounging layette wear all the time?