This is part 2 of a five part answer. See links to the other parts here.

In the feeding category, this is what I like to have for a new baby:

There’s not too much to prepare for nursing-wise. Have the baby and few days later your chest will magically fill with milk. : ) When I can, I also love to figure out a favorite nursing spot where I keep water, burb cloths, a stack of books, the phone and a tube of Lansinoh (or this more-natural-remedy from Least Likely To Breed).

Burp cloths.
Babies spit up. It’s nice to have a stack of burb cloths on hand. I like using old-school cloth diapers.

Not all new mothers make use of a pump, but I’m so small-chested that when my milk comes in, it’s crazy painful. The pump relieves some of the pressure so the baby can eat properly. Then I can freeze the extra-milk  — in case I need to miss a feeding. Since pumping is not an everyday thing for me, the simple, non-motorized ones (like this Avent version) are just right. But if you plan to pump regularly, you may want to rent or buy or borrow a hospital-grade version.

Bottles & Nipples.
Although I do nurse, I still keep a couple of bottles on hand, so that Ben Blair can take over a feeding once in awhile and in case of emergencies. There are all sorts of bottles available. I look for something that’s BPA-free. I think I might try these this time. (I love the bright colors!) Nipples come in different sizes (newborn, 3-6 months, etc). I like to have 2 of each size.

Bottle Brush.
It’s surprisingly hard to clean a bottle without a bottle brush.

I know there are worries about nipple confusion, but lucky for me, my babies have been able to go from nursing to bottles to pacifiers without a problem. I keep a bunch of pacifiers around. Five or more. I favor the one-piece versions that are often handed out at the hospital and the Nuks. Which brand does your baby prefer?

Other Stuff:
If you’re learning to nurse and feeling self-conscious about it (you’re not alone, I promise), consider a nursing cover. They allow you some hands-free privacy while you’re figuring things out. And. I’ve never used one, but many moms swear by their nursing pillow (Blessed Nest is one popular brand).

What about you, Dear Readers? What did I miss? What’s on your indispensable feeding list for a new baby?