By Gabrielle. Poster by Wonchan Lee.

Hi Design Mom. You mentioned that your older kids watched You’ve Got Mail, and I’d love to know what movies you watch as a whole family. Are there movies that the younger kids and older kids both like? I need a list for our own movie nights. Thanks! — Joanna.

Such a fun question, Joanna! As you know, we love a good movie party at our house. : )

Before I share a list of favorite titles, I feel like I should give some kind of parental guidance warning. We don’t consider ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R) super accurate at our house. School of Rock is PG-13, but we watch it as a whole family. On the other hand, Skyfall is rated PG-13, but we won’t let our kids see it — even the older two who are 13+. And The Kings Speech, which is rated R, would definitely be on my approved list for my teens. So if there’s something on our list that would offend your kids, forget my recommendation and stick to your own instincts.

Here’s a list of 15 of the favorites at our house in no particular order. These are movies the whole family can watch together and everyone seems to enjoy them.

– The Incredibles (We actually love lots of Pixar movies, but The Incredibles is our favorite. Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo are probably next in line.)
– The Princess Bride (Love these posters!)
– School of Rock
– Mega Mind
– PeeWee Herman’s Big Adventure

– Tangled
– Nanny McPhee Returns (We like it better than the first one.)
– Babe
– Nightmare Before Christmas
– Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron (Not to be confused with Spirited Away, which is also very cool, but my kids felt it was toooo long.)

– Napoleon Dynamite
– Fantastic Mr. Fox
– Spy Kids
– Back to the Future
– Nacho Libre 

How about you? What are some of the favorites on your family’s list? We’re always looking for good recommendations and I’d love to hear!

P.S. — Minimalist movie posters.