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One of the best things I do with my kids is visiting art museums. In case you’ve wanted to try this with your kids, I thought I’d share my favorite trick. When we head to a museum, we always stop at the gift shop first. Each child picks out a postcard from the museum’s collection, and then we hunt for that art on the postcard during our visit. It’s a little thing, but it turns the explorations into a bit of a treasure hunt and helps keep the younger kids engaged. Have you ever tried it?

Speaking of museums + kids, last Thursday, I took the kids to the BYU Museum of Art. I wanted to see the Western Art in their Wide Open Spaces exhibit. The exhibit is heavy on the Maynard Dixon pieces, and I’m a big Maynard Dixon fan. So I was happy as could be.

I’m always drawn to Western Art because it looks like home to me. The colors, the vistas, all of it. My community, my neighborhood, my childhood was literally peopled with cowboys and Native Americans, and set among the red rocks and deserts and horses and big skies.

Have you taken your kids to a museum this summer? How’d it go?


By the way, if you’re looking for pieces from your favorite museum, you’re in luck. The new site launched over the weekend with over a million pieces to choose from! The updated design looks amazing and it’s way easier to find what you’re looking for. My favorite new changes: 1) New tools to make searching easier — this is key! 2) You can upload your own images to create your own art. Which is awesome. And 3) Curated Collections by designers and tastemakers, like the gorgeous Vogue Vintage Collection. Take a look at the new and see what you find!