Hah! The other day I read an article about how residents of the UK were flabbergasted that most American households don’t have an electric kettle. The responses are hilarious! (Also: lots of cussing.)

“Is it true that Americans rarely own kettles and boil their tea water in the microwave? Wtf is wrong with that country?! #heathens #tea

“In all the movies and tv shows I’ve watched, I’ve never seen an American use an electric kettle. These things keep me up at night.”

Apparently, there’s a whole reddit feed dedicated to the conversation. The responses make me laugh so hard! And I totally get it. All over Europe, in every house we’ve visited or hotel room we’ve stayed in, there was an electric kettle. No question. It’s an essential kitchen tool across the pond and is used multiple times a day in pretty much every household. (And in Australia too!)

As for me, I had never used an electric kettle until we moved to France, but I came to rely on it pretty instantly. I’m sure that was partly because the house we rented didn’t have a microwave. When we moved back to the U.S., we bought one right away and we use it basically every day for one task or another. I would miss it like crazy if it was gone.

How about you? Have you ever used one? If you owned one, do you think it would get much use at your house? If you’ve ever rented out your place on Airbnb or another vacation rental site, did you add an electric tea kettle for guests visiting from out of the country? Also, what’s a tool or appliance in your kitchen that you couldn’t live without? I’d love to hear!

And hey, if you’re thinking about buying an electric kettle, I’ve collected 11 of the best-looking options below. Five are priced around $40 or less, and one is only $16.

P.S. — Do you own a Kitchen aid stand mixer?

1) Stariver Electric Tea Kettle Stainless Steel (and only $16!).
2) Kitchen Aid in 7 colors!
3) Secura Stainless Steel — so sleek, in 5 colors, priced at $40.
4) Bella in 5 different designs. This is the model I use. The price changes sometimes but is always around $40.
5) Balmuda Electric Kettle The Pot.
6) Breville Ikon Cordless Stainless Steel.
7) SMEG! In 7 darling colors.
8) Capresso German Schott Glass Water Kettle.
9) Bonavita Gooseneck Variable Temperature.
10) Krups SAVOY Manual Electric Kettle with Auto Shut Off, priced around $40.
11) Elechomes Smart Keep Warm Electric Kettle — another relatively affordable option at $34.