accordion folder open

Here’s another one of those practical posts about France. It’s features the accordion folder above (which has lately become a beloved object of mine) and how we are moving and storing our belongings while out of the country.

file folder sticky notes

But before I tell you about all of that, I must show you these post-it notes I’ve been using with the accordion folder. They’re part of the organization system designed by Peter Walsh. They come with tapered corners(!) and I think they are much prettier than the typical post-it colors.

accordion folder closed

The accordion folder was originally purchased to carry all our paperwork to Los Angeles for our visa appointments. I found it at Target for under $10 and I think it’s perfection. Since the L.A. trip, I have been using it to gather originals and copies of all the forms we’ll need while in France — things like birth certificates, immunization records, insurance information, copies of our passports and drivers licenses (did I tell you I got a ticket today? bummer!) and all the other essential paperwork we’ve been advised to pack up.

The book The Expert Expat has a really helpful list to work from, if you’re curious.

accordion folder

We are storing our information in several different locations. We have scans of everything and are keeping the digital files in 4 places (our computer, our backup harddrive, a thumb drive which Ben will carry, and a thumb drive we’re leaving in Denver). We also have hard copies in two places — originals and photocopies are in the accordion folder, and a second set of photocopies is in a smaller, one-pocket folder that will be carried in a different suitcase than the accordion folder.

That’s probably over-preparation, but I tell you, all these books have me a bit paranoid and I’m trying to be prepared. : )

For moving and storage, we’ve decided to go with some small local Denver companies since it’s such a local move. Galt Brothers Movers will be packing our things on Saturday. Then, they’ll bring the moving truck around on Sunday, load everything up and move it into storage. On Monday, our carpets are being cleaned (part of our rental agreement), we’ll check the kids out of school, and hand in our car lease.

On Tuesday, we’ll fly away!

P.S. — For my next practical post, I’ll show you the luggage we’re using (less than $100 for 3 pieces!) and share some of the practical costs of this adventure.