Tomorrowland Sketch

By Koseli. Image found here via Work

Like so many of you, my first time at Disneyland was a magical experience. I don’t remember long lines, sticky rides, or impatient  employees — I remember sprinting into the park at 7:30 AM, wearing matching Mickey Mouse overalls and purple JCPenny fanny packs with my little sister, and tirelessly riding ride after ride in a euphoric haze. We were not the family that ate the roasted turkey legs or overpriced icey pineapple drinks — our family of nine worked the heck out of Disneyland for seven solid hot days, from open until close everyday. We maintained our energy with only peanut butter sandwiches, granola bars, and Tang stuffed in our backpacks and pockets. And it was absolute, complete heaven. To this day, those seven days in Disneyland are some of my very happiest and most vivid from my childhood.

These gorgeous sketches of Tomorrowland from a1955 pencil layout for a newspaper capture that magic and childlike optimism that I think we all crave, and find in tiny pieces in places like Disneyland. This particular text in the sketch stuck out to me: 1955 becomes 1986 as you enter the new era — Tomorrowland where our hopes and dreams for the future become today’s realities. 

Let’s talk about Disneyland. What are your favorite memories? Or, have you never been? Any first-timers planning a trip this summer? I should note: I have friends who have a real distaste for theme parks. Perhaps you fall in that camp and Disneyland holds no appeal for you?

P.S. — Did you know Gabrielle was born in Southern California and is also a big Disneyland fan?