Hello, Friends? How are you? What has been going on with you? At the Blair house, we are about to enjoy a very low-key weekend, and I am here for it. Maybe I’ll start thinking about what to wear to Alt Summit, or work on my inbox, or do more fireplace research for the new house.

If I was in the States this weekend, I would be helping my sister Jordan celebrate her birthday — the big 4-0. She’s got a whole weekend retreat going on and it’s making me homesick and bringing on a lot of FOMO. Did you do anything special for your 40th birthday? Or do you plan to? (I admit, I didn’t do a single thing for mine. I’ve mostly ignored my birthdays for the last decade or so. But maybe I should have marked it somehow?)

How about you? Anything interesting going on this weekend? Ready for the link list? Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share:

-Don’t miss this very moving video from Rep. Ayanna Pressley. She’s known for her long braids, but she actually has alopecia and has lost all her hair.

-The six biggest banks in the U.S. have pocketed $32 billion from Trump’s 2017 tax cuts. In turn, they’ve curbed lending, cut jobs and shoveled money to their shareholders.

-Memorable piece by a woman whose 2019 New Years resolution was to talk about climate change.

-3 African countries are trying out the first malaria vaccine. It’s only 40% effective, but they are hoping it’s a start.

-This week Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. It was originally proposed 100 years ago. Will it finally become law?

-Eileen Fisher built a fashion empire. Her employees now own nearly half of it.

-Cash bail was never about safety.

-This was hard to read. Incest, rape, and abuse in Amish communities. So many religious communities (mine included) have had to face (and are still facing) this same thing.

-This Striking Image of the Moon Is a Combination of 100,000 Photos.

-A little quiz — Which of these 2020 Democrats agrees with you most?

-One Native American tribe built a solar-powered microgrid on its California reservation as part of its goal to develop climate-resilient infrastructure. Now, it has emerged as a lifeline for rural communities during PG&E’s planned power outages.

-I want to put this giant hoodie on and not leave the house all weekend.

-How modern marriage still isn’t built to handle women’s ambition and career success—and what governments (and couples!) can do to change that.

-This makes me so deeply sad. The great dismantling of America’s national parks is under way.

-“There has never been any period in American history where the health of blacks was equal to that of whites. Disparity is built into the system.”

-When your depression meds don’t always work.

Here are a few Twitter links I saved for you:

A short insightful thread about the word “back-stabbing”.

-On the value of breastfeeding.

-A thread of non-fiction books that have changed lives.

-I’m so fascinated by this map!

-A thread of people who have turned down royal honors.

Nine types of rest.

I hope you have a happy and easy-going weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.