Hello, Friends. How is December going for you? Did you have a good week? I’ve had a challenging one. My Alt Summit work load is particularly heavy this month and I’m definitely feeling the strain. The hardest task at the moment is trying to find an A-list Keynote Speaker. This is my 16th conference, and it’s always tricky, but this year seems extra hard. (And hey, if you have any connections, let me know!)

I’m feeling happy the weekend has arrived. Our plans include taking the kids to go shopping for their sibling gifts and getting the house ready for our older kids to arrive for the holidays. How about you? Anything you’re looking forward to this weekend? I’d love to hear.

And I’ve got some good stuff on my link list this week (was it just me or was their lots of major news this week?). Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

-Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security.

-Related. Infowars video editor: “The information did not meet our expectations, so we made it up, preying on the vulnerable and feeding the prejudices and fears of Jones’s audience. We ignored certain facts, fabricated others and took situations out of context.” (NYT)

-I LOVE stuff like this. An animal painting found in a cave is 44,000 years old.

-“…axiomatic is the fact that, frequently, it is women who have come forward, in droves, to speak truth to that power, or to nonsense, or, perhaps most accurately, to the nonsense that feeds his power.”

-Read Katie Hill’s story to understand the toll of abusive partners and cyber exploitation. (NYT)

Easiest lasagna recipe ever.

-A rape victim was set ablaze while traveling to court in India. Five men were arrested; two are her alleged rapists. (WP)

U.S. officials grossly misled the public about the war in Afghanistan. Extraordinary.

-Have you ever used a weighted blanket? Are you a fan? Do you have a preferred weight?

-Fascinating. Have you ever heard the term “harbinger households”?

Here are a few tweets I’ve saved for you:

-Author Shannon Hale talking about how books for children are mostly written by women, but men are more likely to be best-sellers.

-Great films directed by women this year.

-Sorry for the f-word, but the tweet is so funny, and the responses are so good.

-Beautiful embroidery that looks like Normandy from an airplane.

-A thread of email requests sent to an academic who is a woman.

-A quote I’m thinking about.

I hope you have a marvelous weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.