Hello, Friends. How are you? What’s happening in your life? We’ve been here in France for two weeks and are still settling in. This week was full of more required + practical stuff. The kids had physicals so they can participate on the swim team (practice starts next week). Ben Blair joined the local gym. Today, we meet the kids’ music teachers and we’re looking at a couple more houses. And we still have a couple of big tasks to complete: We need to finish setting up our French bank account. And we need to make a decision on a car.

We’re not sure on our weekend plans. We may take a daytrip to Brittany, or we might try and knock off a few more to-do items on our list.

Ready for some weekend reading? Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

-Polio was nearly extinct. Then the anti-vaxx movement reached Pakistan.

-A 6-year-old girl wrote to a toy company asking why they didn’t make female plastic soldiers. The president of the company responded. And now, Green Army Women figurines will be available by Christmas 2020.

-Last year, an air traffic controller saw Jeffrey Epstein getting off his private plane with girls who appeared to be 11 to 12 years old. (So that means they are 12 and 13 now? Who are they? Where are they?)

-I loved Elizabeth Warren’s response about trade policy in last nights’ debate. She’s really good at explaining things in a way that everyone can understand.

-The Secret Files of the Master of Modern Republican Gerrymandering

-A Swiss artist named Klaus Kittmann planted a forest in a football stadium in Austria.

-“Being a sex worker is dangerous. But it’s not as though sex workers are surrounded by dangerous chemicals or heavy machinery or wild animals. It’s dangerous because they are working with men.” The article is about how headlines are written (and it’s really good). That sentence stood out to me. It’s not the theme of the article, but I’ve never thought about it like that.

-Someone asked, “Who are famous women you learned to like — after recognizing societal misogyny.”

The Testaments, Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale came out this week.

-On this day in 2016, I was explaining what a Mormon Mission was.

-On this day in 2018, I was explaining that men cause 100% of unwanted pregnancies.

Some Twitter threads and tweets I bookmarked to share (Twitter was really good this week and there’s a bunch):

-A sweet thread about having a Grandmother move in to your home.

-She is tired of people who say they don’t like feminism, while enjoying all the benefits feminists have made possible.

-A fascinating thread about artificial intelligence and crochet patterns.

-A tweet about the cost of childbirth.

-To take care of a bug problem, his wife brought in more bugs — 1000 baby praying mantises. I found this story fascinating.

-A thread for men who want to write about women. (OMG I laughed so hard.)

How to sneeze around the world.

I hope you have a terrific weekend. Does it feel like fall where you live? I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.