Hello, Friends. How are you? It was a fun education-focused week at the Blair House. Monday was the first day of school in Oakland, Ralph registered for classes for this semester — they start this coming Monday. And Maude arrives home from New York this evening. Her classes start Monday after next. (That’s Olive above, pictured on her first day of Senior Year — she gets to attend high school for two weeks before she heads to the South of France where she’ll be an Au Pair this year.)

This weekend, our big event is Oscar’s Eagle Project. He’s building a Little Free Library that will live near his middle school, and he has recruited members of his troop, and other friends and carpentry-tool-owning grownups to help. : ) We’ll also be helping Maude go through her things, so she can move into her near-campus apartment next week.

How about you? Has back to school season hit yet? Or are you still enjoying summer break? Either way, I’ve got some terrific links for you this weekend. Here are a few things I’ve wanted to share:

-A gorgeous remembrance of Toni Morrison.

-Have you fallen in love with Lizzo yet? Listen to her NPR Tiny Desk Concert. (The song you’ve probably already heard — Juice — starts at the 11 minute mark.) Watching her play the flute is pretty darn fantastic too.

-Over the span of 14 years between 1950 to 1964, black farmers in Mississippi lost almost 800,000 acres of land. When translated into today’s economic value, this is a loss of between $3.7 billion to $6.6 billion.

-Dammit. New rules from the Trump administration are designed to weaken the Endangered Species Act.

-Please read Questionnaire, a poem by Wendell Berry. “How much poison are you willing to eat for the success of the free market and global trade?”

-Hey Teachers. I saw this announcement that you can get a free subscription to the Calm app — it usually costs $60.

-They’re calling it a bigger fraud than Enron. “My team has spent the past 7 months analyzing GE’s accounting and we believe the $38 Billion in fraud we’ve come across is merely the tip of the iceberg,”

-Does your town have a Tool Lending Library? We borrowed several tools from our or Oscar’s Eagle Scout project.

-The harmful and serious reverberations from Gamergate are still felt, and have possibly even been amplified. (NYT)

-What the what? An American woman with no medical training ran a center for malnourished Ugandan kids. 105 of them died.

-Oh my goodness. Am I the last person to discover handheld luggage scales? There’s a ton of options, they all cost around $10 or less, get great reviews, and are accurate within about 1 pound. I just ordered this one.

A few twitter posts/threads I thought you would enjoy:

-He asks teachers to share something from their coursework that would surprise others. The answers are fascinating tidbits!

-She’s looking for book recommendations — novels that have lengthy asides about something really technical. Such an interesting niche question.

-Have you seen the discouraging reports of the inverted yield curve? Which often precedes a recession? She offers an explainer.

Hahaha! Made me laugh.

-Do you say tennis shoes or sneakers?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll meet you back here on Monday. I miss you already.