Are you planning to pick out Christmas pajamas this year? I’m shopping for ours this week. I always look for 100% cotton holiday pjs that ideally, aren’t explicitly Christmas-themed — because we end up wearing ours all winter long.

I’ve found some great options so far. I started with my research from last year, and then updated sources, and added eight new picks — for 20 options in all. Eight are in reds, and there are cute options in blues, greens, and yellows too. Four of them are organic, and seven options are under $20.

1) Buffalo Check. Size 2 years to 12 years, $12. These would be perfect for any sort of woodsy winter morning.

2) Red Gingham. Size 6 months to 14 years, $58. These are pricier than I typically like to pay for pjs, so watch for their holiday sales and see if you can find a coupon code or markdown.

3) Fair Isle. Size 2 years to 12 years, $12. A print with a Scandinavian feel.

4) Rugby Striped Jumpsuit. Size 4 years to 12 years, organic, $25. You can get them in grown-up sizes too if you want to match!

5) Red Micro Stripes. Size 12 months to adult, organic, $25. The whole family can wear these.

6) Red & Grey Stripe. Size 12 months to 14 years, $19. Lots of other color combos available.

7) Bear Bum Union Suit. Size 2 years to 12 years, $30. We’ve never tried union suits, but I’m always tempted.

8) Henley-style Stripes. Size 4 years to 14 years, $40. These are great looking, and the buttons make it easy to pull over your head.

9) Striped Blue. Size 12 months to 14 years, $17.

10) Classic Navy Button-up. Size 2 years to 14 years, $18. We own these in pink (it’s such a great shade of pink!). I recommend checking out the whole Pauboli line.

11) Navy with Tiny Gold Dots. Size 2 years to 16 years, $45. These are by Cyrillus and they’ve been a favorite source for pjs since we first found this store when we lived in France before.

12) Green Stripes. Size 12 months to 8 years, organic, $36. They come in other good interesting colors too.

13) Green Flannel Nightgown. Size 6 months to 14 years, $48. This is a new source I’ve recently discovered, called Petite Plume and all they sell is sleepwear. I really want to see what they are like in person — apparently they use as much cotton as possible, while also making sure they pass the strict CPSC flame retardant laws without using harmful chemicals.

14) Solid Colors. Size 12 months to 14 years, organic, $37. In a really good red and two good green options. Want more solids? Here are tons of colors (not organic), size 12 months to 8 years, $22.

15) Yellow High-Waisted. Size 2 years to 6 years, $14. So cute — makes me wish these came in bigger sizes. This set is available in 5 colors — 4 pastels and YELLOW. Don’t you want that yellow?

16) Flowers & Lions. Size 2 years to 16 years, $31. Hanna is known for their long-john style pajamas in organic cotton. I think this pattern is particularly charming.

17) Yellow Polka-Dot. Size 12 months to 7 years, $15. Cute patterns when you click through — don’t miss the cat knee patches.

18) Classic Button-Up. Size 2 years to 16 years, $41. I love the red details. They have lots of great cotton options for boys and for girls.

19) Big Navy Gingham. Size 6 months to 10 years, $58. I noticed they’re offering 10% off today and free shipping.

20) Multi-Color Stripe. Sizer 4 years to 14 years, $40. I’m such a sucker for lots of color.


What about you? What have you found this year pj-wise? Do you favor your cotton Christmas pajamas with a holiday theme — snowmen or snowflakes? Or do you like to keep them more neutral? And when do you bring out the holiday pjs? On December 1st? On Christmas Eve? Whenever they arrive in the mail? I always love to hear your traditions!

P.S. — Not pictured, but here are a few other great options with great prices:

A) Black & White Wide Stripe. Size 2 years to 7 years, organic, $17. Lots of different patterns, but spotty availability on sizes. Choose your size first and then you can see which patterns are available.

B) PJ Bottoms. Size 3 years to 12 years, $16. Pair the bottoms with these short sleeve tees from Uniqlo (only $4). That would make a complete set for $20.

C) Red Clouds. Size 12 months to 6 years, $9. There are other fun patterns too (though not necessarily holiday).

P.P.S. — I’ve updated this post a few different years.