Worried about your child’s school? Wondering if you should take a second job, so that you can afford private school tuition? Depressed after reading your public school’s rating on Great Schools? Already stressed about how your 2 year old is going to get into the “right” pre-school or elementary school? Experiencing near-panic-attacks over college applications? Feeling like America is doing education all wrong no matter what kind of school it is (home school, private, public, charter, immersion…)?

You’re not alone.

Nothing seems to push the buttons of parents across the land quite like the topic of schools and education. And no surprise. This is important stuff. We know education changes lives and opens doors. We know stories of troubled kids who’ve had their life turned around by a great teacher. We know that extracurricular programs offered by a school can put a child on a successful career path they never even knew existed. We know some schools are better than others when it concerns bullies/special needs programs/allergies/sports/healthy lunches/harmful cliques/computer programming/foreign languages/whatever your main concern is.

We all know our own kids deserve the very best education possible.

The good news is: again, you’re not alone. Every parent is dealing with questions and stresses about their child’s education. And in my experience, reading about their experiences, is the very best thing to keep me calm and grounded, plus hopeful and realistic, about schooling and my own kids. Over the years, we’ve had some truly excellent discussions about education here on Design Mom, and I’m going to highlight of few of the best ones.

Worried about your neighborhood public school? Here’s a post about our public high school in Oakland — rated a 2 out of 10 on the Great Schools website. Related, here’s a post about our public elementary school.

Feeling paralyzed about moving to a new city because you’re priced out of the neighborhood with “good” schools? Here’s a post on how to not stress out about choosing a school.

Overwhelmed by the college application process? Here’s a video discussing what to expect. And here’s a podcast about de-stressing the process.

Too much homework at your school? Or not enough? Here’s a discussion of how we handle homework. And here’s a post about what happened when our elementary school instituted a no-homework policy.

Feeling like your kid isn’t on a traditional high school -> university track? There are other great options. Read this.

Curious about schools in other countries? After a few months of school in the French countryside, this is what we observed. After a year+, these were our thoughts.

I hope these links for helpful to you. And now, I’d love to hear from you. What is on your mind lately as far as education goes? Are you thinking about curriculum? Discipline? Diversity and equality? Perhaps you’re worried about school start times for kids, And if you’ve read something about education lately that you found reassuring, please share the link in the comments. 

P.S. — What if you attended a fancy school in England?