Outside of the constant stream of wine during Broad Summit, there was an underlying health and wellness theme happening — due in large part to Boon Hotel & Spa, and due in other large part to Zicam (one of the biggest sponsors), and due in other large part to Kristin Darzugas who woke up early to run each morning and has the abs and arms and legs to prove it. (Side note: before the very positive Kristin even made it home from the weekend, she posted this troubling note. Fingers crossed that her week has improved.)

I gave you a little pre-glimpse of Boon here, and must say it was even more charming and inviting in person. Just a delightful place to stay. Good food. Good location. Each room it’s own little modern cabin. Hip orange accents in just the right places. A steamy hot tub. Massages for all. Great food prepared by the Boon Restaurant. Sleek refillable toiletry bottles instead of wasteful plastic samples.

Sponsors weren’t allowed to make any formal presentations about their products, so I wondered how they would participate. I loved Zicam’s solutions (future event sponsors: take note!). 1) They left a thoughtful hangover kit (remember the packed schedule of wine + wine + more wine) on each attendee’s bed — filled with soothing little products to ease dehydrated bodies. 2) They hosted a morning yoga session taught by Gwen Bell. I confess, I did not participate (I opted for extra sleep. I always opt for extra sleep.), but doesn’t it look inviting? And visually pleasing?

Zicam, if you’re unsure whether your tasteful marketing had any affect, be assured that it did. For the entire drive back to the city, Mai was a walking, talking advertisement of the healing effects of your products. I’m (almost) excited to catch my first winter cold so I can fight it with Zicam. Just saying.