Oh my goodness. Oh. My. Goodness. There is the hugest contest ever going on over at Kirtsy. It just launched yesterday. And there are 3 ways to win.

Kirtsy just found an Ad Network that we love. It’s new. It’s different. It’s called YouData. And it’s brilliant. Basically, it matches consumers up with relevant advertisers — no more steakhouse ads being shown to vegetarians. Awesome. A perfect fit for Kirtsy.

Extra bonus: With YouData, you the consumer, make a little money every time you watch an ad. For reals. You get paid to give some of your attention. And really, that’s the way it should be. Because in this digital world, where media is with us constantly by way of cell phone/tv/radio/laptop/blackberry, attention is a hot commodity. And you are the sole owner of your attention. There’s a cool little video here, that says it even better.

So sign up with YouData and every time you’re at iTunes, about to drop 99¢ on the latest Kanye, you can offset that cost by watching a few ads. Nice.

Anyway. Kirtsy is so excited about our new ad network, that we’re having a huge contest to celebrate. As I mentioned earlier, there are 3 ways to win.

1) Register at YouData. It takes less than 2 minutes. I swear. I’ve done it. It’s fast. And as you fill out a MeFile survey, you’ll click the boxes that relate to your interests, so only relevant ads will be shown to you. Brilliant. Do that, and you’re registered to win the laptop of your choice. In case you missed that, I said A LAPTOP OF YOUR CHOICE. Either
a MacBook or a Dell XP. Whichever you prefer.

2) Leave a comment over at Kirtsy. Tell us what you think of our shiny new ad network. Let us know what’s on your mind. Leave any comment, and you’re entered to win one of TWO NEW IPOD NANOS. You know the ones — all those gorgeous colors! Two winners will each receive one, and they get to pick the color of their choice. Of course.

3) On YouData’s blog, there is a Dear John letter to Advertisers. Because we’re ready to break up with the old way of doing things. We want to get paid every time we watch an ad. And we want advertisers to move in that direction. If you feel the same way, “sign” the Dear John letter by leaving a comment below it, and you’re entered to win one of THREE ITOUCHES. That’s right. Three iTouches. Which are basically iPhones without the phone service — they’ll have you watching movies, getting online on-the-go, and gps-ing, without having to switch your cell contract.

Easy peasy:
Leave a comment on this link for the 2 iPod Nanos.
Leave a comment on this link for the 3 iTouches.
Fill out a MeFile at this link to win the Laptop of Your Choice.

6 prizes. 3 ways to win. Get on it.