By Gabrielle. Image via Obaz.

When we head back to the States, I’m sure my kids will be shocked by the different daily dress code. I’m sure we all will! Sometimes, I trend surf online just to see what’s cool right now. And sometimes, I am shocked right out of my seat!

I’ve seen denim more ripped than put together on sale for a few hundred dollars, boots scuffed to appear like you’ve owned them for years for about the same amount, and tons of old-looking tees and cutoff shorts with brand new prices. Wouldn’t our grandparents roll their eyes at us paying more for worn out clothes? Yet we’ve all done it, haven’t we?

Tell me: What’s the most you’ve spent on something that looked old – or, in the case of vintage clothing, was truly old – when you bought it?

Or are you the type to buy new things and go to extreme lengths to keep them looking brand new? Oh, the horror of that first bleach splatter on your pristine black blouse! And the wrath that ensues after a sibling steps on another’s white sneakers! (On second thought, I actually would pay more for my kids’ shoes to show up with the first smudge already in place, wouldn’t you?)