For my last post as Guest Mom, I’m going to tackle a big one: work-at-home-space. This year I moved my studio back to the house and the topic is on my mind. As any working mom knows, it’s sometime hard to balance home life with work life. But striking that delicate balance is all the more difficult when there is no defined line between home and work. The most important design tip I can offer moms who work at home is to find a way to incorporate your kids into your work space. They will be less apt to interrupt if you give them something to do, and a place to do it in. Kids like to feel included and there are creative ways to do that.

Once you’ve established your work area, it’s a good idea to add a toy desk for your kids. There are quite a few space-efficient and attractive options out there, like the Klick desk and chair set. If you don’t have enough space to offer them their own desk, then reserve a special spot at your desk. Another great multi-purpose solution is a daybed. If your work space permits, a day bed is a great way to accommodate overnight guests. Otherwise it makes an excellent spot for kids.

More ideas:
-I like to put aside a special box full of crayons and pens so that they can do their homework beside me as I work.

-In my office, I have a grass cloth tack board where I keep my ideas and reminders. One side of the board is reserved for my stuff, while the other is reserved for my daughters.

-Similarly, we have a marker board in the office. One side is for my drawings and measurements. The other side is for the girls. -When the kids do come into the office, I can keep them busy by giving them a “job” to do — little design tasks that (hopefully) keep them busy and buy me valuable time to catch up with work.

It’s been a great week! Thanks for the comments, questions and feedback. Thank you to Gabrielle for having me. Last question goes to you: What are your best ideas for managing work-at-home-space?