Pendleton Wool Blankets National Parks Series

By Gabrielle.

I feel funny writing a post about blankets when the temperatures here are in the 90’s today, but I wanted to share these with you before I forget. And in reality, I end up using these types of blankets more often in the summer than I do in the winter.

I started looking into old-school wool blankets when my mom sent us a classic Pendleton blanket for Christmas. It’s the same one you can see on Ralph’s bed here. It’s the Badlands pattern, part of Pendleton’s National Parks series.

I was so excited about how gorgeous this blanket is, but I felt dumb too. For some reason, I assumed Pendleton was no longer making these blankets, and that I had to track them down at a flea market if I wanted one. But here they were on their website — the whole series! All totally classic. In fact, Pendleton has been making these National Parks blankets, in 100% wool, since the early 1900s!

Though I use them in several places, I think of these types of blankets as perfect for keeping in the trunk of the car. They fold up compactly so they don’t take up much space, the wool is water resistant, and they can really take a beating. I like them for last minute picnics, watching fireworks on summer nights, and if a cold front moves in, they even do a great job of keeping us warm. : )

But, the Pendleton blankets come with a big price tag. So I wanted to see if there was anything else out there that was more accessible, and I found some great options.

Woolrich Civil War Series Wool Blankets

Woolrich, another classic label, is also still producing traditional wool blankets, and at a lower price point than Pendleton. The Civil War series offers four designs that look like historical military blankets. The blankets are not 100% wool — they’re something like 85% wool and 15% nylon. But they’re certainly handsome. And they come in at about half of what the Pendleton blankets cost.

European Army Surplus Wool Blankets

Then, in my searches for military beds for the boys’ room, I happened upon some gorgeous European Army blankets, also in wool, that have a bargain price tag compared to both the Woolrich and the Pendleton blankets. I like this one from Italy, these two from the Czech Republic, and this one from Switzerland. I found French and German versions too, but I didn’t think they were as pretty. : )

Like I said, these are bargain priced — as low as $28!

Woolrich Allegheny Series Wool Blankets

Lastly, I noticed the Allegheny series by Woolrich. These are 100% wool, and I love the patterns, but I’m not as crazy about the blanket stitching around the edges. They’re in the same price range as the first Woolrich blankets I mentioned.

Tell me, friends, are you a fan of these types of wool blankets? Are you perhaps one of those lucky ducks who inherited a classic wool blanket from a grandparent or a great uncle? Or are you rolling your eyes and thinking: geez, Gabrielle, you must be the only person on Earth to not know that Pendleton is still making blankets? : ) Also, do you have any other sources I should know about?

P.S. — I suppose I find the National Parks blankets especially endearing because I grew up around National Parks and they continue to be some of my favorite spots to vacation. Do you have a favorite National Park?