I love wooden toys. I will take a wooden and mute toy over plastic, talking and blinking one any day. I love that it makes my kids use their imaginations. I hate that they make great projectiles. I love that they carry a sense of permanence that the plastic ones don’t. I can almost make myself believe that if they toys are built to last a long time, the kids just might stay little enough to play with them forever. I still really hate that my son can do serious damage with them. We have plenty of toys that light up and talk around our house, but they don’t always manage to survive the quarterly toy “editing” process like the wooden ones do.

There is a really great store here in Palo Alto called The Playstore. It is full of wonderful wooden toys. Whenever I go in there I wish that I had more of Design Mom’s great toy storage in my house. I could buy EVERYTHING in here and have to limit myself. Our favorite thing is this rainbow. It is much bigger than it looks in the picture. There is also a less expensive and smaller version. We also love these rattles for the baby. My two year old, Cubby, is obsessed with these beads. The Playstore does ship, but most towns have some sort of wooden toy store. I bet there is one near you.

If you don’t manage to find a store near you, you can always
try Ikea.

Or Target. They carry Melissa and Doug toys now.

Or Back to Basic’s Toys.

Did I miss anything? Does anyone have a great wooden toy find?