Remember when we bought our very first “big” piece of art? I think I tell the story behind the painting and its brilliant painter, Jean François Sineux, to everyone who visits La Cressonnière! My sentimental attachment to L’Amerique grows every day we live in this magical home; it’s going to be an incredible souvenir from our time here in France for our family’s lifetime, I hope.

I guess I’m just a fan of the back story when it comes to art. Which is why I’m fascinated with Wondereur, a weekly iPad magazine just about to launch. Their concept is that art is a powerful thing, but you have to get up close and personal with it and those who made it. That can be difficult. So Wondereur’s talent spotters and editorial team are intent on making it easier, combining storytelling with art-buying. I can’t wait.

And maybe someday you, too, can regale everyone who walks through your front door with the story behind your favorite piece of art! (It is great fun! I promise. Even when you tell guests the same story twice. Or three times.)

Follow Wondereur’s story here. Adorable photo found on Pinterest, but I wish I knew the original source!

[ UPDATE: Ask you shall receive! I asked about the source of the image and this is what I found in my inbox: My childhood friend’s dad, Herb Slodounik, took this picture. He was a photographer for our local paper in central Illinois. The photo was pictured in LIFE magazine. Herb passed away from cancer when his daughter and I were in the 4th grade. — Katie Jo Risma ]