Oh my goodness. This has been such a fun-filled, jam-packed week. We’re loving it. Here’s the rundown so far:

-Visited local wildlife at a zoo made especially for injured animals. Saw two bald eagles — as majestic as we Americans like to think.
-Picniked at the park with Grandma & Grandpa Mac.
-Visited our transplanted New York friends, the Fjelsteds, in their gorgeous new home. I’m now in search of a photographer to document their fabulous abode so everybody can get a sneak peek. Just amazing.
-Slipped and slid on a gigantic painting tarp with nephew Ben.
-Rock climbed at the local climbing gym in Logan.
-Went ga ga over gourmet shave ice made by Salem. My favorite flavor was Georgia Peach. I’d heard stories about how good Salem’s shave ice was. My expectations were high and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m craving one right now.
-And since shave ice wasn’t sugary enough, we topped off the evening with one of Grandma Mac’s specialties, shaum torte with fresh peaches and freshly whipped cream. It’s officially my favorite dessert.

-Worked on a paper sphere art project with Grandma Mac. Can’t wait to share this! But left my camera cord in New York, so details will come later.
-Visited Gigi (my Grandma Lucille), canoed, swam in the pond and fed the horses at Uncle Gary’s and Aunt Janet’s homestead in Grantsville. This was my second visit and I am still amazed (will always be amazed) at how they made their own bit of Eden in the desert. Probably the most inspiring property I’ve ever seen.

-Slept in.
-Hung out with nieces Amber and Kristen and Sophie.
-Toured the Dismantling Geneva photography exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art with sister-in-law Traci. (Don’t miss it if you’re in Provo, or a Utah Valley native. Chris Dunker’s work is gorgeous and thoughtful and fascinating.)
-Explored a bit of the Harris Fine Arts Building at BYU because Ralph wanted to see “where the students work.”
-Devoured ice cream treats from the Creamery. Maude tried her first malt.
-Swam at Grandma and Grandpa Blair’s condo pool.
-Enjoyed dinner with old friends — the Spencers and the Higginbothams — on Grandma’s patio. The sandwiches were from Kneaders. The chips were from Doritos. The drinks were from Shasta. Could have hung out for hours and hours longer than we did.
-Loved a late-night screening of Batman: The Dark Knight. Have you seen it yet? Go now.

Thursday — Pioneer Day here in Utah, a state holiday!!
-Spent the day with Blair relatives. Including swim lessons with Brother-in-law Dell, discussions about the Black Power protest at the 1968 Olympics with Sister-in-law Margaret, political discussions with Sister-in-law Jenette and baby due date guesses with niece Kaila. A full four boxes of Krispy Kremes were consumed. As well as half of Costco’s deli department.
-We ended the day at the Faulconer’s world famous Pig Roast (see the great invite shown at the top). Featuring a giant roasted pig. Plus a live band. Plus fireworks. Plus all the Provo glitterati. We were the absolutely last guests to leave. Our gracious hosts, Kacy and Christian, were afraid we intended to sleep over.

And now it’s Friday. I’ll tell you about Friday in the next post.