Winter white is one of my favorite colors. It’s a fashion law-breaker, decidedly unexpected when there’s even the possibility of a dusting of snow on the ground, and it just sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

Did I tell you that I’m traveling to the States for Alt Summit next week? I’m a founder of the conference and responsible for all the panels and speakers. It’s a big job, but I love it! I look forward to this few days of jam-packed inspiration all year. This time, we’re hosting a White Party. The French call it Diner en Blanc, which makes it sound even more enchanting. Sean Combs has hosted one for years in the Hamptons, and is renowned for not allowing entry to those whose attire isn’t white enough. If you’re coming to Alt, please don’t stress; we won’t be turning anyone away!

I’ve heard outfit plans ranging from white denim to wedding dress (it’s fun to watch the chatter on Twitter), and I can’t wait to see how a ballroom-full of creatives will interpret our theme. How about you? Do party themes make your outfit options easier or more difficult? And have you ever ignored the suggested dress code? Do tell!

White inspiration found here.

P.S. Kelly has graciously put together another packing list for Alt attendees. Last year’s version was a life-saver for so many of us while stuffing our suitcases!