Yesterday was Family Night. We made granola and evaluated our winter outerwear. The kids tried on their ski bibs, parkas, snow boots and gloves. We made lists of what still worked and what needed to be replaced. Olive and Ben Blair are good to go. The rest of the kids need one or two items. Not bad.

I don’t have any winter gear at all, except a new down jacket from Eddie Bauer that I’m loving. It’s called the Yukon Classic. It’s super cozy, but lightweight. I have the lipstick red version. (I love red coats, don’t you?)

This is what we like to have for Colorado winters:

– Jacket or fleece
– Parka
– Snow bibs or snow pants
– Snow boots
– Ski mittens or gloves
– Ski hat
– Knit mittens or gloves
– Knit hat
– If possible, dressy coats — especially for the girls

That’s a lot of gear for five kids (Baby June won’t be doing much skiing this year), so you can imagine, I’m a big fan of hand me downs. : ) I’m hoping to get everything on our list ordered this week. The temperatures are dropping fast and I want to be prepared.

How about you? What do you like to have on hand for winter outerwear?