By Gabrielle.

I’m drawn to flannel during winter months, but pulling off a chic ensemble that looks less lumberjack than lovely is a tough trick. I’ve found that a tailored fit is the right beginning. Adding skinny pants, toasty boots with a hint of knit stockings peeking out, incongruous accessories, pink cheeks, and a warm mug of cocoa doesn’t hurt the look, either.

It’s the same with most chill-weather gear, isn’t it? The best hats are often a little goofy. Your favorite Saturday sweater is shapeless. Your hand-knit scarf has seen better days, two winters ago. Puffy coats feel perfect mid-December…until you catch sight of your puffy profile! Tell me: how do you keep warm and keep your sense of style, too? All tips welcome!

Flannel style found here and here. Giant scarf found here.