By Koseli. Images by Chloe via Il Mondo di Ingrid.

I love wintertime. The soft snow, matching hats and mittens, crackling fires, and hot cocoa. But once we’ve thrown out the tinsel and sweetheart’s day is a memory, all I see before me is a long, hard, very cold stretch until the first Spring thaw. This gorgeous collection of images from Chloe’s Spring/Summer collection will just have to tie us over until warmer weather is really here.

Anyone else have the winter blues? Or have Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD? (Was there ever a more perfect acronym?) What do you do to stay happy and healthy during a long winter? We use a blue light, get as much fresh air as we possibly can, never miss a sunny day, make indoor play dates, watch good movies, and eat good food. :)

P.S. — If you’d like more information on seasonal affective disorder, I found this was a great resource.