Whitney Deal Baby Whitney Deal Baby

By Koseli. Images by Whitney Deal.

Are there people you follow online that endlessly inspire you? Whitney Deal is one of mine. I’ve followed her for years as she’s shared her graphic design, photography, and fashion design on her sweet blog, Darling Dexter. I am so excited that she just opened a baby shop, Whitney Deal Baby. Have you seen it? I love her story behind its beginnings: After spending extensive amounts of time trying to find baby leggings she truly liked, she decided to make her own. (The beginning of so many great success stories, right?) And oh my goodness, are they the cutest baby leggings I could ever imagine. You can see them all here. But she didn’t stop at leggings and has added tees, rompers, and bibs. I can’t wait to see what she makes next.

Do you have any favorite baby clothing shops online? We’re expecting our second little boy in only three short months and I would love to hear what your favorites are.

P.S. — If you live in North Carolina, Whitney has a new showroom in Wilkesboro. It looks incredible!