Where Chefs Eat - A Guide to the Best Restaurants Around the World

By Raleigh-Elizabeth.

I spend the better part of any trip looking for places to eat. I pour through Zagat’s, Fodor’s, Chow Hound, Eater, and a disturbingly large number of food sites looking for the perfect place to experience local cuisine while also begging everyone for tips. And sometimes, I still come up empty handed.

Or worse, I start a trip thinking I have a perfect recommendation only to discover a mediocre food experience I could have done without. When this happens, I immediately start questioning exactly who tour book companies employ to rate local restaurants and just what commenter foodie321 actually knows about eating. And it’s at those moments that I throw my hands up in the air and bemoan all food listings in general, because all I want is for someone who really knows about food to tell me, really and truly, this is the one place where you need to go.

Joe Warwick must have felt the exact same way, because he spent the last 12 months compiling the 600+ page ultimate guide for where to eat: Where Chefs Eat.  Unlike the recommendations from foodie321 or a nebulous tourist book review board, Where Chefs Eat not only tells us who recommended the restaurant (the recommending chef is listed by name), it also guarantees us one thing better: a person who really knows and loves food vouches for this place.

The 2,000 recommendations span the globe and run the gammut. Two of my favorite restaurants in the world made the cut: McGrady’s in Charleston (where you could easily go bankrupt on the way to bloated bliss) and the 53rd and 6th Halal cart in Manhattan. That’s right. A food cart.

There are also recommendations for ramen restaurants in Boston, herring kiosks in Sweden, burger joints in Istanbul, and the best place for a hot pot if you ever find yourself hungry in a Kowloon office park.

To build the book, chefs were asked eight questions:

  • Which restaurant do you eat at most regularly?
  • What’s your favourite place to go for breakfast?
  • Late at night where do you like to eat?
  • Which restaurant best sums up your city or region, a restaurant you’d consider a local favourite?
  • Where serves your favourite bargain meal?
  • Where do you go to celebrate a special occasion?
  • Which restaurant do you admire the most and wish you’d opened yourself?
  • Which restaurant would you travel any distance to eat at?

With a breadth of questions like that, it’s no wonder the answers are so diverse, surprising, and full of adventure. I think we’ll never go hungry again. Find it on Amazon here.

If you had to answer all of those questions about your hometown, where would you tell us to eat?